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Bicycle Policy and Research Needs

In these papers, researchers analyze bicycle policy, explore how these policies have affected or could potentially affect bicycling, and discuss the issues and challenges surrounding the study of bicycling as a mode of transportation.


Date Title Author(s) Publication Notes
David J Ederer; Rachael Thompson Panik; Nisha Botchwey; Kari Watkins
Elisa Barbour; Sarah Gradjura; Ran Sun; Giovanni Circella; Jesus M Barajas; Miguel Jaller; Mollie D’Agostino; Susan Handy
Grant Matson; Sean McElroy; Yongsung Lee; Giovanni Circella
Duncan Crowley; Dillon T. Fitch-Polse; Susan Handy
Dillon T Fitch; Zeyu Gao; Lucy Noble; Terry Mac
Giovanni Circella; Farzad Alemi; Jai Malik
Dillon T. Fitch, Z Gao, L Noble, T Mac
Sarah McCullough; Sequoia Erasmus

research report

Sam Fuller; Dillon Fitch; Mollie C D'Agostino
Hossain Mohiuddin
Eva Heinen; Susan Handy
Sarah McCullough; Sequoia Erasmus

policy brief

Offer Grembeck, Katharine Chen, Brian D. Taylor, Hwang Yu Hong, Dillon T. Fitch, Sonia Anthoine, Bingchu Chen, Salvador Grover
Dillon T. Fitch, Susan L. Handy, Jane Carlen

research report

Dillon T. Fitch, Jane Carlen, Susan L. Handy

policy brief

Xiaodong Qian
Mollie D’Agostino, Paige Pellaton, Austin Brown
Dillon T. Fitch
Sarah R McCullough, Adonia Lugo, Rebecca van Stokkum
Dillon T. Fitch, Calvin G. Thigpen, Susan L. Handy


Jacob Mason, Lew Fulton, Zane McDonald
Julia Ursaki, Lisa Aultman-Hall
Brianna Goodman, Susan L. Handy
Susan L. Handy, Bert van Wee, Maarten Kroesen
Susan L. Handy, Eva Heinen, Kevin J. Krizek
Susan L. Handy, Barbara McCann

research report

John Pucher, Jennifer Dill, Susan L. Handy
Kevin J. Krizek, Susan L. Handy, Ann Forsyth
Theodore J. Buehler, Susan L. Handy
Gian-Claudia Sciara
Sean A. Co
Lisa Aultman-Hall, Fred L. Hall