Mobility Data for Safer Streets

PI: Angela Sanguinetti
Partnership with Spin
Spin,  2020-2022

Micromobility Trip Characteristics, Transit Connections, and COVID-19 Effects

PI: Dillon Fitch,  Alan Jenn
Partnership with California Air Resources Board
SB1,  2020-2021

Examining market segmentation to increase bike share use case greater Sacramento region

PI: Dillon Fitch,  Susan Handy
Partnership with SACOG
SB1,  2020-2021

North American Micromobility Panel

PI: Dillon Fitch,  Susan Handy
Partnership with Lime, Lyft, Spin, Uber
NCST Caltrans,  2019-2021

Active Transportation Benefit-Cost Tool

PI: Susan Handy,  Dillon Fitch,
Partnership with PeopleForBikes,  Mike Lowry (University of Idaho)
Caltrans,  2019-2021
The primary goal of this project is to develop a tool to evaluate the costs and benefits of active transportation projects as a part of Caltrans ATP project evaluation. We will build the tool for the specific purpose of ATP project comparison, but also serve as a tool for cities and counties to use to compare projects within their specific jurisdictions. 

Investigating the influence of dock-less electric bike share on travel behavior, attitudes, health, and equity (phase II)

PI: Dillon Fitch,  Susan Handy
Partnership with SACOG
SB1,  2018-2020

Dock-based and Dockless Bikesharing Systems: Analysis of Equitable Access for Disadvantaged Communities

PI: Miguel Jaller,  Debbie Niemeier
NCST PSR,  2019-2020

Local Policy for Better Micromobility

PI: Austin Brown
PSR Caltrans,  2019-2020

Designing Public Transit Stations to Enhance Access to First/Last Mile Mode Choices

PI: Beth Ferguson, Angela Sanguinetti
Partnership with Bay Area Rapid Transit
SB1,  2019-2020

Exploring the Potential of Solar-powered Two-wheeled Electric Mobility

PI: Beth Ferguson,  Angela Sanguinetti
NCST USDOT,  2019-2021

Change in Mode Share in California

PI: Susan Handy,  Susie Pike, Dillon Fitch
NCST Caltrans,  2019-2020

E-bicycling for short distance commutes

Dillon Fitch,  Susan Handy
Electric assisted bicycles (e-bikes) may reduce the barriers for shifting car trips to bike trips through improved perceptions of bicycling safety and increased destination accessibility. The researchers will explore factors influencing the likelihood of people shifting from driving to e-bicycling among employees (working faculty, staff, and graduate students) currently driving and or carpooling to the University of California, Davis. The researchers will also analyze the impact of JUMP dock-less electric bike share on e-bike commuting